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Bowling Green Builders Inc. is owned by Pete Neimeier and David Daniels.  Pete and David have been business partners since 2004 when they purchased a racecar manufacturing business together.  For the last several years, David had been building homes with another builder, but he figured he could do a better job with his own company.  After some arm twisting, he convinced Pete to join him in this new business.  Bowling Green Builders Inc. was launched in August 2012 with some unusual ideas including:

1.  Minimize overhead and borrowing costs.  Bowling Green Builders "borrows" space in David's other business - saving rent payments.  We also reinvest profits in the business so we can pay cash as we go, rather than pay interest to a bank.  You also won't find fancy signs or new trucks at our jobsites.  By keeping expenses down, we can sell our homes for less.

2.  Pay subcontractors immediately.  Many contractors drag their feet when paying their subs.  We are able to negotiate better rates with our subs because they know they will be paid immediately when they finish the job.  Those savings add up and allow us to put more upgrades in our homes.

3.  Give customers more than they expect.  Bowling Green Builders goes the extra mile in building our homes.  You will see nice features like hardwood floors and quartz countertops - but we also invest in places you won't see like upgraded insulation, techshield roofing, and solid foundations.  You get more for your money from Bowling Green Builders.

Here is more about Pete and David, their backgrounds, and their responsibilities at Bowling Green Builders.

David Daniels is the "visionary" of Bowling Green Builders Inc. who looks at the big picture, and long range plans for the business.  He is a native of Bowling Green and has seen the town grow over the years.  He also owns Mark Muffler Shop which ensures all our equipment is kept in tip top shape.  David has been involved in the construction business for years, and brings that experience to Bowling Green Builders Inc.

Pete Neimeier is the "details guy" at Bowling Green Builders Inc.  He has been self employed for over fifteen years and owned businesses as varied as wholesale distribution and racecar sanctioning.  He is married with three young children and serves on the Board of Trustees at their school - Bowling Green Christian Academy.  He enjoys anything with an engine including motorcycles, racecars, airplanes, and jet skis. 

At Bowling Green Builders, Pete keeps the books, ensures subs are paid immediately, files all corporate paperwork, and coordinates schedules at the jobsites.

We also have a first class team of experienced subcontractors that bring their years of experience and dedication to every home.  Many are second or third generation builders such as Coots & Sons, Vincent Electric, Integrity Mechanical and Coates Drywall.

 Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Bowling Green Builders Inc.
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