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2/10/16 -  Our  new MacKenzie Meadows subdivision is up and running and we are glad to see all the interest it has generated.  The location is fantastic and we are confident the houses will sell as quickly as we can build them.   Click here for a phase 2 lot layout plan.

4/29/15 - Sorry for not many recent updates.  Our website can only be modified on an outdated computer that we rarely plug in anymore.  Our last Ashton Place house sold, all our Greystone houses sold, and our new subdivision is moving slower than we would like - but still moving forward.  We have also broken ground on a new house in Ivan Downs that should be available in about 4 months.  Finally, we will buy another 7 lots in Greystone next month to begin more houses there. 

/26/14 - Our next BIG project.  Bowling Green Builders has purchased and rezoned a farm at the three way intersection of Smallhouse and Elrod Roads to build 40+ new homes on lots ranging in size from 1/4 acre to a full acre. 

7/21/14 - Looking for a farm?  Bowling Green Builders has taken in a beautiful 10 acre farm north of town in trade for one of our new homes.  This farm is already fenced with a livestock barn, approximately 3 acres of mature trees, a small pond, and a basement home that could easily be expanded into a beautiful new home for your family.  If you have been looking for a beautiful country setting ready for your horses or cows, give us a call.  SOLD

3/16/14 - It has been a long winter, but our hard work has been paying off.  We have sold 5 houses in the last month which we were building over the winter.  Now it is back to work to get more started so we can have some inventory in the spring.  We will be building our last lots at Ashton Place and several in the new section of Greystone.

12/25/13 - Merry Christmas!

12/20/13 - Bowling Green Builders has now joined the Builders Association of South Central Kentucky.  This provides great rates on insurance, and lots of great continuing education programs throughout the year.

9/14/13 - We continue to build new homes in Ashton Place, and one of our recent homes sold when only the foundation was complete.  That allowed our buyers to choose all their colors, fixtures, etc. and they did a wonderful job.  Check out their amazing kitchen.

7/28/13 - It has been a great year so far.  We have already closed on 9 homes with more under contract.  Currently we only have one home available for sale, but we plan to break ground on 5 more in Greystone within the next month.

6/15/13 - Lots going on with Ashton Place homes going to closing, and Greystone Subdivision about to heat up.  We already have the first Greystone home sold before breaking ground and several other buyers looking at lots.  It looks like the combination of a $150,000 new construction price, and South Warren school district will be a winner.

4/22/13 - Ivan Downs is finally finshed and we had an open house today which drew lots of attention.  The kitchen and master bath are drawing rave reviews and we expect to see a contract or two soon.  Also, another Ashton Place house sold so we are down to only 6 lots left there. 

4/11/13 - It has been a very busy spring market.  Our Ashton Place homes are selling faster than we can build them.  So far we have 4 sold with more buyers calling every week.  We will be out of lots soon, so we have recently signed a contract to purchase 15 lots in the expanding Greystone subdivision south of town.  These new homes will be priced from 120 - 150K and the lots are scheduled to be ready in June.

3/9/13 - Two of the Ashton Place homes have already sold, including the one in the photo below.  We still have nine lots left and are moving quickly to build more for the 2013 spring market.

1/22/13 - Looks like we will be in Ashton Place quite a bit in 2013.  We have purchased all remaining lots - giving us 2 homes under construction, and 9 more lots to build on.  Ashton Place is a quiet gated community almost within sight of the new Jody Richards elementary school.  Our homes will be right around the 200K mark, making them far less expensive than other new homes in the area.  Come see what we have to offer!

12/25/12 - Merry Christmas!  We have a lot going on with homes under construction in three different subdivisions at the same time.  Two of the Riverbend Landing homes have sold and we are focusing our efforts south of town.  Here is a photo of our first Ashton Place home.  It will soon be joined by a second on one of the six lots we have in Ashton Place. 

10/29/12 - Our first home is now under contract and almost complete.  Tomorrow we break ground on our first home in the Ashton Place subdivision as well.  Finally, we have purchased a lot in the Ivan Downs subdivision which we plan to build on within the next year.  We are running full speed ahead!

10/9/12 - The first home is only a few weeks from completion.  Notice the concrete drive and siding already installed.  Drywall is being installed now and then paint/floors/appliances.  The second home is only a few weeks behind that. 

9/30/12 - With our Riverbend Landing homes well on their way to completion, we have purchased six lots south of town in Ashton Place, part of the Hidden River subdivision.  This is right next to the new Jody Richards elementary school and in the South Warren school district.  We will be building all brick homes starting at 1800 square feet.  If you have been looking for a new home south of town in the 170 - 200 price range give us a call.

9/28/12 - Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC have all passed inspections.  First home is just a few weeks from completion and second home is going under roof.  If you are looking to buy, call us quick and you can choose your favorite fixtures and paint colors.

9/13/12 - Framing is well under way on Sailor Avenue.  Roof coming shortly and plumbers, electricians, and HVAC will be on site next week. 

9/10/12 - All foundations are finished.  Now our framers are getting to work on the first house on Sailor Avenue.  Subfloor was completed today - this one should be under roof by the end of the week.

9/5/12 - All three lots are progressing well.  Foundations are almost finished, and next week the framers will start their work.  Here is a photo of the pros from Coots & Sons digging perfect footers with the aid of their laser measuring system.

8/30/12 - Here is a photo of our new 14 foot dump trailer.  This will allow us to eliminate dumpster charges in the future.

8/23/12 - Building permits applied for and expected to be received on 8/30/12.  Subs are lined up and ready to go as soon as we get the go ahead from the city.

8/13/12 - Three lots in Riverbend Landing purchased with plans to break ground right away.

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